New Memory Work!

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It’s time for a new passage of scripture to memorize! We’ll be working on Psalm 1 (verses 1-6) over the next few weeks and I’ll be learning with the boys this time (I know parts of it, but not the whole thing). I’m going to try to come up with a picture system like we had for Psalm 23 since that was such a big help. Our Greek for the week is hypnos, which means “sleep”. Brendan chose two new cards for us to pray for and this week it will be the Dunnavant and the Partridge families. Ryan’s science was fun this morning…he’s been studying birds and today we dissected owl pellets! One pellet had the bones of a mouse and the other had the bones (and a few feathers :)) of a starling. We also got to “bend” a chicken bone that had been soaking in vinegar for a few days. Fun stuff!!! The boys’ art lesson was hilarious interesting as they had to draw a “portrait” of me – LOL! We had a great Monday and are looking forward to Valentine’s Day and cooking Dad his “special” holiday dinner.

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