Why Learn?

I saw this picture on Facebook eariler today and thought it was worth sharing.  This has been one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling for our family…to learn about the world that God created because it is AMAZING!!!  I want my kids to develop a love of learning, not just pass a test and forget everything that they studied.  It is a “work in progress” :).  Brendan and Ryan are not excited about learning every subject, but it does help to remind them that there’s a reason why they need to study and understand certain topics.  We need to educate ourselves in order to serve God to the best of our abilities, to support our families, to prepare ourselves for higher education or a career, to learn more about who God is, and to be able to serve Him in whatever He has planned for us!  Besides, learning can be FUN :)!

Today, we read about how David spared Saul’s life and this lead to a great discussion about how those in authority over us are part of God’s plan.  We need to respect authority even though we may not agree with everything they do.  We reviewed the books of the Old Testament, 2 Timothy 3:16, and the 23rd Psalm – I am so excited with how well they are retaining their memory work!!!  We also covered language arts, math, and science.  Both kids have finished their books (Swiss Family Robinson and Henry Huggins), so they are starting new books tonight.  Brendan will still be working through a Progeny Press guide for Swiss Family Robinson for a while (I didn’t expect him to finish the book so quickly!!!).  Now, the boys are playing outside and we’re looking forward to visiting with my mom tonight – see everyone tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Why Learn?

  1. I just love reading this blog and seeing all the wonderful things my grandsons are learning! Thank you, Lord, for calling Amy to this amazing task! Amy, you are doing a fantastic job and you are a wonderful teacher! What a blessing!

    It is so much fun looking at all the pictures and seeimg how well Brendan and Ryan are doing. And, I LOVE looking at my grandsons! 🙂

    Love you all,


  2. Amy,
    I am loving your blog! I am praying about what to do in regards to Corrighans education for the next school year. What an amazing job you are doing! Enjoy every moment, before you know it they will be grown.

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