Terrific Tuesday!

We’ve had a great day, even though it’s nasty and raining outside (again)!  Our new Greek word for the week is petros, which means “rock or stone”.  We read  1 Samuel 28 during Bible and practiced reciting Psalm 1.  I checked our schedule last night and found that we will have time to read The Secret Garden as our read aloud – 🙂 !  Well, for those who have read the book, many people die from cholera in the first chapter.  I knew it was coming…the obvious question…”Mom, what is cholera?” – thank goodness for the internet – LOL!  We found a 4 minute video that explained the symptoms of cholera and how to prevent spreading the disease.  I love it when “extra” learning opportunities arise!  After covering art, math, language arts, vocabulary, and science, Brendan and Ryan went to running club and played basketball at P.E.  Now, they are having a snack and playing with some friends from P.E.  I can hear them all giggling downstairs as I type this… thankful for God’s blessings!!!

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