New Developments:

We have a few new developments in our homeschool…Brendan has finished Math 7 and will be starting Pre-Algebra on Monday – way to go Brendan 🙂 !  Ryan is plugging along and doing great in Math 4 – he is on his last disk and is steadily working his way toward Math 5.

We will be starting a new writing program (well, new to us) on Monday.  Justin and I decided that we needed a more structured writing program, so I will be teaching from The Institute for Excellence in Writing.  After talking to many other teachers and doing lots of research, I am told that IEW is the “best of the best”!  Brendan will be taking IEW’s Student Intensive B and Ryan will be taking Level A.  A sweet friend let me borrow the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style DVD’s and they are soooo good!  The videos are going to be a huge help as I learn how to guide the boys through the writing process.  I’ll be posting our thoughts and impressions next week as we dig in!

Now we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend before another busy, crazy week begins!!!  Here are some pictures from today:

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One thought on “New Developments:

  1. Way to go, Brendan and Ryan, with your math class! Moving on to pre-algebra and math 5! Both of you will do great! I am so proud of my grandsons! 🙂

    And, thanks Mom and Dad for doing a great job!

    Love you,

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