Non-stop Spring Weekend!!!

We had a BUSY weekend including a seeing The Sound of Music (Chritian Youth Theater), my sister’s wedding, a surprise birthday party for a sweet friend, church, grocery shopping, school planning, and we lost an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time 🙂 !  I need to check with the bride and groom before I post their pictures, so those may come later!

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As far as school goes…this morning we learned about all of the riches that Solomon was blessed with and how the queen of Sheba came to visit him.  We reviewed our verse and did another fill-in-the-blank worksheet (with more blanks this time).  Our art lesson included shading and drawing a famous watercolor painting,  called Stag Beetle by a German artist named Albrecht Durer in 1505.  I had bought an activity kit about stag beetles a few months ago and thought it would be the perfect time to put them in the boys’ workboxes! Our new families for the week are the Brendle’s and the Collin’s. Brendan and Ryan continue to do well with their new writing program, IEW!  They both typed and printed their paragraphs from last week – I love how they are getting typing practice along with writing!  They also covered math, reading, guitar, The Secret Garden, and playing outside (P.E. 🙂 ).  I am loving this beautiful spring weather!

One thought on “Non-stop Spring Weekend!!!

  1. Hi everybody!

    Enjoyed all the pictures! Love the bugs! Yuk!

    Looking forward to dinner with yall tomorrow night! 🙂

    Love you,

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