Breaking News :) !!!

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Thrilled, ecstatic, impressed, excited, … these are just a few adjectives describing how I feel about IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing)!!!!!!!!!!!  Both kids took their assigned paragraphs this morning, underlined the key words, formed an outline, and wrote the text in their own words…wait for it, wait for it…..without needing ANY help from me – WOO, HOO 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!  This is HUGE!  I love how IEW gives students skills and confidence by giving them clear instructions, expectations, and checklists to follow!

We have enjoyed watching The Bible on the History Channel over the past few weeks.  We DVR the show and watch it with the kids a few nights a week and I have been amazed at how many details Brendan and Ryan have remembered from our studies of the Old Testament this year – what perfect timing!

We are almost finished memorizing Psalm 1: 1-6 and have the rest of the week to master it.  Our two new families that we will be praying for are the Smith’s and the Elkin’s.  We have been learning about Elijah during Bible.  Other subjects that we have been working on are art (painting and mixing colors), spelling, reading of The Secret Garden, science, math, history, Greek, and we even played a few games of “multiplication” Bingo.  We will officially begin week number 25 tomorrow, which means that we only have nine weeks of schoolwork left!  Of course we will still do math, reading, and writing a few days a week over summer vacation, but we’re headed toward the finish line 🙂 !

One thought on “Breaking News :) !!!

  1. Congratulations Boys on your writing!! Now Brendon, that was not a calculator I saw on your table while playing multiplication B I N G O was it?? Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with the boys Amy! We have been enjoying The Bible on the history channel too! Keep up the good work guys!! Love Auntie Linda

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