11 Weeks and Counting!!!


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I just got word that the link for HEAV’s used curriculum barcoding system will be up and running on Monday so I started pulling stuff out after school today…WOW!!!  I had NO idea that I had so many items to sell this year!  The used curriculum sale is a wonderful way to “clean house”, support HEAV (they receive 25% of the profits), and make some extra money (so you can buy more stuff 🙂 )!  Last year, I got a check for over $130!  Registration for convention should be opening very soon – you can now click on the graphic at the bottom of my blog to be linked directly to HEAV’s website.

Today we learned more about Elijah and Elisha, why cloaks were important during Bible times, and dictated/copied the last part of Psalm 1:6.  We also reviewed the caste system in India and some of the basics of Hinduism.  Brendan and Ryan also had science, writing, and writing.  Now they are outside having an airsoft “war” with the neighbors :).  Life is good!

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