P.E. Skating Day!

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The past two days have been great (minus the crazy snow that covered my beautiful spring flowers 😦 ) !  Public schools were cancelled yesterday, but we muddled on knowing that we’ll be enjoying summer weather soon.  We are still learning about Elisha and have moved on to our next memory verses from Isaiah.  Our two new families that we’ll be praying for are the Boschens and “G-G-Ma” (Brendan and Ryan’s great-grandmother).  Our Greek word for the week is para, which means “beside or along with.”  Our homeschool P.E. class went skating this afternoon and it was so much fun!  I actually skated too and thankfully didn’t fall or break anything :).  We have a fun day planned tomorrow – we’ll be learning about the significance of Passover and going to an Easter Party/Picnic, plus we have our regular guitar lessons and church activities.

2 thoughts on “P.E. Skating Day!

  1. You skated too! Way to go, Mom, and you didn’t fall down!

    I love the little magnet holder, Brendan! Maybe, you could make one for my desk at work, just like the one you made with the cute and crazy eyes.. And, I love the little blue truck,, too! Did Ryan make it?

    Yall have a great day tomorrow!

    Love you,


  2. I was going to ask you why did you skate because I didn’t see you in the pictures! Great exercise!! I use to skate all the time! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!! Love Auntie Linda

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