Back to Reality :)

Well, Spring Break is officially over – we had tons of fun relaxing, being outside in the warm weather, and spending time with family and friends.  Brendan and Ryan were not very excited to start school this morning :), but they did fine!  We’re getting close to the end of the year and just need to hang in there and finish strong (I needed a little “pep talk” too)!

We have two new families to pray for this week – the Goerger’s and Grammy and Pappy (my parents).  We are still learning about Elisha and Naaman and working on the first part of our memory verse.  The Secret Garden is going great and we have a few more weeks to finish it before we begin our last read aloud for the year.  I decided to have a “review” lesson on prayer and we’ll be using the ACTS method:

A – adoration

C – confession

T – thanksgiving

S – supplication

I have several names of God that the boys read aloud to help them with the adoration aspect and then we go through the acronym as we pray.  It’s a great review for me too!

I also put some poetry in the boys’ workboxes in honor of National Poetry Month.  They’ll have a short poem to read each day and we may complete a few poetry activities later in the month.  Oh, guess where we’re going for P.E. tomorrow???  JUMPOLOGY 🙂 !!!  FUN!!!

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I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE…registration for HEAV’s 30th Annual Homeschool Convention opens this Wednesday at 10:00 am!!!  As a HEAV member, you and your whole family can attend for ONLY $59 if you register during the first three days.  You can click on the picture below to find out more information.  Don’t forget that the earlier you register, the earlier you get entrance to the used curriculum sale 🙂 !  I’ll have more information about the convention coming soon.  Please feel free to leave me any questions that you have about the convention in my comments section and I’ll be sure to help any way that I can.

One thought on “Back to Reality :)

  1. Oh, I know it must have been really hard to go back to school today, especially on such a beautiful day! But, in just a few more weeks, you all can enter into the wonderful summer vacation. Just think! You get out before the rest of the guys! Na,na, na, na boo,boo! Ha!

    Love you all,

    PS Thank you for praying for us!

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