Jumping For Joy!

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OK, so Jumpology was FUN 🙂 !!!  We were all sweating, laughing, and getting a great workout!  I was one of three moms who were brave goofy enough to jump with the kids – LOL!  We got lots of schoolwork done today also, but I just took fun pictures.  The boys and I took a nature walk when we got home and were looking for blooms and cocoons as part of Ryan’s science when we found a treasure!  We were able to scoop out a big “blob” of (what I hope are) frog eggs!  Our plan is to keep them in an aquarium and hopefully raise them before we release them back into the pond…perfect science lesson!  We did this a few years ago and it was amazing to watch them change and grow.   I did some research on the web and they appear to be wood frog eggs – we will see!  Thank you Father for keeping everybody safe during P.E.  and for the BEAUTIFUL day!

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2 thoughts on “Jumping For Joy!

  1. Looks like you all had a good time!! I know the boys are enjoying this weather!! I know I am! Love Linda

  2. Where are pictures of Mom Amy jumping? HA! It does look like lots of fun! However, I would probably go down and not be able to get back up! HA!

    Hope all the frog eggs don’t hatch at the same time or it will be like the science class room scene in the movie “ET.” Remember? Frogs everywhere!!



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