They’re growing!!!

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Our frog eggs are developing quickly 🙂 !!  We may be taking some back to the pond if too many hatch – I don’t think I want to raise over 100 tadpoles!  The boys and I went to Education Day at the Diamond yesterday and about burned up!!!  It was soooo hot in the stands!  My phone battery was dead, so unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures and we ended up leaving early anyway…oh well!

We “technically” started another week today and should be done with school in 7 weeks.  Our new Greek word is techne, which means “art or skill”.  We read about Jonah for Bible, went over and copied the next paf our Bible verse, learned about the Assyrians (Nineveh was the capital of Assyria…where Jonah did NOT want to go), did some mapping, learned about Greek homes, worked on projects, and covered the rest of our typical subjects.

Here are some better pictures of our eggs:

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I can’t believe how quickly they’re growing – we even saw some of them moving!  I know, I know…I’m a dork 🙂 !!!  That’s ok – God’s creation is FASCINATING!

One thought on “They’re growing!!!

  1. A lot of eggs! Looks like a lot of tadpoles to me! It will be the invasion of the frogs before you know. Ha!

    See yall tomorrow at Jamie’s and Stephanie’s house!

    Love you,


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