TONS of Tadpoles!!!

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Wow!  We will definitely be taking lots of tadpoles back to the pond tomorrow…we must have close to 200 swimming around the aquarium!  The tadpoles eat nutrients provided by their egg sacs for the first few days, so I’ll be buying fish food tonight to supplement their diet.  Fun 🙂 !

The boys made a sample mosaic tile today as a craft project.  Many well-to-do Greeks had colorful mosaic tiles for flooring in their homes.  We continued to work on our memory work and the boys wrote several verses from dictation.  We learned about what life was like in Assyria, practiced the ACTS prayer method, worked on projects, and chose 2 new families (the Diehl’s and the Clark’s) to pray for.  We’ll also be praying for the people of Boston who were affected by the horrible, evil explosions this afternoon.  I’ll end today with a verse:

One thought on “TONS of Tadpoles!!!

  1. Hi Guys!

    Love your mosaic tiles! Good job Brendan and Ryan!

    And, Amy, love your time appropriate Bible verse! We all ought to be praying for all the families involved and for our country!

    Love you,


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