Only ONE week until convention!!!

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I am soooo excited and have had fun planning for the convention!  I  have pulled out my two books written by the Duggars so I can (hopefully) get their autographs :).  I’ve boxed up, organized, and labeled all of my items that I will be selling in the used curriculum sale.  I have made a list of the books and items that I need, and made a wish list of fun products that will enhance our homeschool.  I have printed off my confirmation/registration information and I’ve organized by convention binder.  Now, I just have to wait six more days 🙂 !

Brendan and Ryan are enjoying their summer break so far.  We’ve already been to Kings Dominion and our neighborhood pool.  I can’t believe that they actually got into the water!  I put my feet in and it literally took my breath away – this mom will be waiting a few more weeks for the water to warm up before I jump in for a swim!

If you are interested in checking out the 30th annual HEAV convention, please click on the HEAV picture at the bottom of this page and follow the link to “convention”.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday:

I know that this is supposed to be “Wordless Wednesday”, but I just had to share some convention information 🙂 :

WOO-HOO! JUST TWO WEEKS UNTIL IT’S CONVENTION TIME! TELL A FRIEND!HEAV 30th Anniversary Convention News:Curriculum Doctors – Back by Popular Demand!Trouble choosing a curriculum? There’s help! Stop by the “Curriculum-Doctor” booth in   the Exhibit Hall for lots of FREE, practical advice. “Curriculum   Doctors,” Cherrie Moore, Deb Plaster, and   Christal Waite–experienced homeschool moms–are happy to answer your questions and help you decide what curriculum is right for you!

Just two of the amazing speakers:

Rick & Marilyn Boyer –   Starting out young and “green” in a time when only a handful of families were homeschooling, Rick and Marilyn had to blaze their own trail, surviving such obstacles as skeptical grandparents, hostile school authorities, unhelpful curriculum publishers, blizzards, Indian attacks (just kidding)…. Join them at the convention as they share some of the most profound lessons they have learned along the way. Be sure to check out all their workshops!

Tim Chambers Timothy Chambers – Is art one of those subjects you struggle to teach? Join Timothy Chambers, professional painter, author, teacher, and speaker, for inspiration, tips, and advice with great workshops like these: ”

Six Ways to Inspire Your Art Student,” “Values in Art,” and “Can You Really Learn Art Online?” Be sure to view Tim’s artwork online at

*****Convention  Gifts Worth More than $350!!!! *****  Be Sure to Get Yours!

1) Virtual Gift Basket –   full of coupons, specials, printouts, and more–worth at least $300

2) Subscription – a   full-year, free subscription will begin in July 2013 for all convention   registrants (just click “yes” on your registration form).

CLICK on the HEAV picture below to check out TONS of details about the convention:

Last Monday of “Creation to the Greeks”:

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We just finished our last Monday for the 2012-2013 year 🙂 !  We have finished our Bible reading, so we looked through our history notebook and reviewed everything that we learned over the past 10 months.  Both kids kept saying that the year went by fast!  We have two new families to pray for: the Taylor’s and the Barba’s.  Brendan and Ryan copied the very last part of our Bible verse.  We also covered math, spelling, Aesop’s Fables, and had fun playing knuckle bones (a game that was played by the Ancient Greeks – we made it a few weeks ago, but hadn’t had time to play it).

I wanted to share a verse that I read a few days ago:  He tends his flock like a shepherd:  He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;  HE GENTLY LEADS THOSE THAT HAVE YOUNG.”  Isaiah 40:11

As the school year comes to a close, I have begun the usual nagging thoughts of “did I do enough?”, “did the kids learn everything they needed to learn?”, “how will they do on their standardized tests?”, “what if I had started our new writing program earlier?”, …..!!!!  I know that LOTS of other homeschool parents go through the same thoughts.  I LOVE how God reminded me that he is guiding our path.  He can accomplish so much more than I ever could alone!  God’s carrying our family in His arms and will lead us.  I am so thankful that God has got this 🙂 !

Busy Thursday!

Before I tell everyone about school today, I have to remind you that the HEAV convention is only THREE WEEKS AWAYTwenty-one days from now I will be in “homeschool heaven” 🙂 !  I got my e-mail confirmation yesterday for our tickets to see the Duggars – woo, hoo!!!!!!!  Justin and the boys will be coming with me to that session!  I can’t wait!

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Ok, so we covered a lot today including writing, math, spelling, Bible, memory work, history, P.E. (outside time this morning before it got too hot), Greek, and a few other things.  Ryan finished Math 4 yesterday and is super excited to be starting Math 5 tomorrow – way to go Ryan!  Brendan finished his last module from General Science and did fantastic on his test – yeah Brendan!  Our tadpoles are getting bigger and more active every day.  They are so feisty now that I have to be careful when I change their water that they don’t leap out of the “holding cup”.  I took a picture of the sweet cards that My AWANA kids gave me last night at church.  I am BLESSED by how much joy and laughter those kids bring to me every week!  LOVE my T&T kids!!!

We received a letter from our child that we sponsor through Compassion International ( yesterday.  We have sponsored a girl named Tata for about 6 years now and it’s been neat to watch her grow and change over the years.  Tata lives in Indonesia and we write letters and send pictures and small gifts to her regularly.  I sent her a book mark last time that had a Bible verse on it and she thanked me in her last letter!  It’s wonderful to know that she actually receives the letters and things that we send her.  She asked for an updated picture, so I took one with the boys that we’ll send to Tata tomorrow.  We actually met a man who was sponsored by Compassion International a few weeks ago at the Mark Schultz concert.  He shared how his sponsor changed his life by helping to send him to school, encouraging him, and praying.  He now is a music producer and shares his story with others – amazing!

SIX days of school and counting 🙂 ………………..