Time to Explore:

These gorgeous pictures were taken by my 10 year old this afternoon!  He may have a future career in photography!!!  Ryan has a great eye for nature and loves to go outside and click away 🙂  – AWESOME  job Ryan!  Homeschooling is wonderful because it allows the kids to explore their personal interests and talents.  Brendan (age 13) has been learning how to code computer programs using C++ and hopes to start learning JAVA soon.  The amazing thing is that he chooses to do this in his free time and he thinks it’s fun – programming class was one of my biggest fear in college and it is NOT my gift – LOL !!!  I am so proud of Brendan and Ryan for pursuing their passions.  It is fun to see the different gifts that God has given to each of them!

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Here are a few pictures of our schoolwork from this morning.  We are having fun learning about the Ancient Greeks and all of their accomplishments!  I’ll have to write more detail later because the boys and I are getting ready to have a “movie night” and watch The Secret Garden 🙂 .

2 thoughts on “Time to Explore:

  1. Amazing photos! I love the nature! He most certainly does have a future in photography in some form or fashion!!

  2. Wow! Ryan, the pictures are great and so detailed! You are a great photographer!

    Yall have a good evening!

    Love you bunches!


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