Busy Thursday!

Before I tell everyone about school today, I have to remind you that the HEAV convention is only THREE WEEKS AWAYTwenty-one days from now I will be in “homeschool heaven” 🙂 !  I got my e-mail confirmation yesterday for our tickets to see the Duggars – woo, hoo!!!!!!!  Justin and the boys will be coming with me to that session!  I can’t wait!

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Ok, so we covered a lot today including writing, math, spelling, Bible, memory work, history, P.E. (outside time this morning before it got too hot), Greek, and a few other things.  Ryan finished Math 4 yesterday and is super excited to be starting Math 5 tomorrow – way to go Ryan!  Brendan finished his last module from General Science and did fantastic on his test – yeah Brendan!  Our tadpoles are getting bigger and more active every day.  They are so feisty now that I have to be careful when I change their water that they don’t leap out of the “holding cup”.  I took a picture of the sweet cards that My AWANA kids gave me last night at church.  I am BLESSED by how much joy and laughter those kids bring to me every week!  LOVE my T&T kids!!!

We received a letter from our child that we sponsor through Compassion International (http://www.compassion.com/) yesterday.  We have sponsored a girl named Tata for about 6 years now and it’s been neat to watch her grow and change over the years.  Tata lives in Indonesia and we write letters and send pictures and small gifts to her regularly.  I sent her a book mark last time that had a Bible verse on it and she thanked me in her last letter!  It’s wonderful to know that she actually receives the letters and things that we send her.  She asked for an updated picture, so I took one with the boys that we’ll send to Tata tomorrow.  We actually met a man who was sponsored by Compassion International a few weeks ago at the Mark Schultz concert.  He shared how his sponsor changed his life by helping to send him to school, encouraging him, and praying.  He now is a music producer and shares his story with others – amazing!

SIX days of school and counting 🙂 ………………..

2 thoughts on “Busy Thursday!

  1. Wow! Only 6 more days of school? I know you all are excited and are ready for a break!

    Ryan, I’m mighty proud of you! Moving on to Math 5! Great job! And, Brendan, I’m so proud of you for doing so well on your Science test! Way to go!

    Great job, Teacher!

    Love you all,

  2. Compassion is so wonderful! 2 of my kids also live in Indonesia (one boy, one girl) and you can really see from their letters the difference the organization makes in their lives 🙂

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