Only ONE week until convention!!!

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I am soooo excited and have had fun planning for the convention!  I  have pulled out my two books written by the Duggars so I can (hopefully) get their autographs :).  I’ve boxed up, organized, and labeled all of my items that I will be selling in the used curriculum sale.  I have made a list of the books and items that I need, and made a wish list of fun products that will enhance our homeschool.  I have printed off my confirmation/registration information and I’ve organized by convention binder.  Now, I just have to wait six more days 🙂 !

Brendan and Ryan are enjoying their summer break so far.  We’ve already been to Kings Dominion and our neighborhood pool.  I can’t believe that they actually got into the water!  I put my feet in and it literally took my breath away – this mom will be waiting a few more weeks for the water to warm up before I jump in for a swim!

If you are interested in checking out the 30th annual HEAV convention, please click on the HEAV picture at the bottom of this page and follow the link to “convention”.

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