One of the Sweetest Couples I’ve Ever Met:

Net and her husband Phil

Net and her husband Phil

I got to spend some time talking with Net and Phil at the convention and just have to share their ministry with you!  I have received a few of Net’s artwork pieces over the years from one of my favorite Bible study leaders and last year, I recognized the artwork while waking through the exhibit hall at convention.  I was fun to meet Net in person and tell her that I have some of her scripture products in my home!  She was excited that I owned some of her work!  Well, this year, I had more time to visit with Net and Phil and learned about how they started their little company.  Net loves children and years ago began sending encouraging notes, letters, birthday cards, and pictures to some of her students that she served in her church.  Well, the children loved the artwork and began collecting her cards.  Net had tears in her eyes as she told me that she was the one who was blessed by serving the kids in her life!   You can learn more about how Net’s Art, Inc. got started by checking out their website at  After talking for awhile, Phil and Net explained that they loved serving at the convention, meeting/sharing stories of faith with others, and being blessed by the families.  However, as they are a small, local family business (Midlothian, VA), they don’t have many ways to advertise.  I told Net and Phil that I would be happy and honored to share their story!

Here are a few pictures of items that I have around our home and the brochure/business card that I got at the convention:

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I love having scripture all around as a constant reminder to keep Christ at the center of our home and lives.  What an easy, but effective way to share God’s word with your family!  Net’s Art. Inc. has many products that you can use to  share the Word of God with others.  Go check them out!!!

Net’s Art, Inc.     (804)794-3101

One thought on “One of the Sweetest Couples I’ve Ever Met:

  1. I bought several items from them last year and have them hanging all over my house! I agree, they were so sweet, they saw me limping around on my tired feet and tried to get me to sit down with them for awhile to rest!

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