Howdy Ya’ll !!!

What a FUN first day of Vacation Bible School 🙂 !!!  I am teaching 3th/4th graders this year with my friend Stacy and we have a sweet group of kids.  Brendan (otherwise known for the week as a “ranch hand”) actually ended up being assigned to our class as a group leader.  I was soooo proud of him today as I watched him work with the kids!  He worked hard, kept track of the children, followed directions, offered to take one little boy to first aid to get a Band-Aid, and started a game with the group (without any adult having to ask) when they had a 10 minutes between activities!  I have to say that he is one of the BEST youth helpers that I’ve ever had during VBS….and I’m not biased at all 😉 .

Ryan loves his class too and had a great day! I’m going to try to track him down tomorrow and get some pictures of his class.

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***Our tadpoles finally have legs!!!

One thought on “Howdy Ya’ll !!!

  1. SQUEEE! Look at the tadpoles with legs!

    Praying for your VBS too!

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