Gone to Summer Camp!

We just got back from dropping Ryan off for his first week-long sleepover summer camp. He is a bit nervous but I am proud of him for going, overcoming his fears, and trying new experiences. I know that he’s going to have fun, be challenged, make new friends, get tired, eat lots of junk food, become more independent, and grow in his relationship with God. What an exciting part of growing up!!! He and his “bunk buddy” were already planning on who would sleep on the top bunk and how to sit beside each other on the bus 🙂 .

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Heavnenly Father,
Thank you for this amazing opportunity for Ryan. Please comfort him this week and remind him that You are always with him…hold him close and keep him safe. Please help Ryan to be open to new experiences, to have fun, to make new friends, but most of all to grow closer to you. I am so grateful for this wonderful group of kids from our church. Thank you that the weather looks perfect – not too hot and with very little chance of rain. Father, I pray that Ryan gets enough sleep so that he will feel good and have lots of energy. Please be with the camp staff and counselors this week as they minster to our children. Thank you for helping me to let go and especially for taking care of my “baby” when I can’t be with him!!!

Wheels for Wells!!!

Did you know that nearly 1 billion people in the world lack access to clean water? A simple thing that we take for granted every day can mean the difference between life and death. Unsafe drinking water causes over 2 million deaths every year, and most are children. Every day, nearly 4,500 children die from water-related illnesses such as diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, cholera, worms, and parasites. Clean water means generations of healthy children, families, and entire communities. It costs $15,000 to drill a deep bore well – and so we skated…

We were excited for the opportunity to help others in such a fun way! The boys both did extra chores to help earn money and Ryan went around the house collecting our spare change and found $25. My parents also made a donation (thank you Grammy and Pappy). I love how our church members have such a heart for missions and for those who are less fortunate than us. Brendan and Ryan skated for almost 4 hours and Ryan even won a door prize!

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Brendan and I rode back to Skateland after dinner to cheer on those who were still skating and to see if we won any grand prizes. When we left, we were only $500 away from the $15,000 goal and…wait for it…Ryan won another door prize! He is soooo happy!!!

Time For a “Tween” Makeover!

Ryan has been asking me for several months to paint his room and “get rid of the ‘baby’ decorations”, so while Brendan is away on his mission trip we had some extra time to re-do Ryan’s room. This was my first experience painting a room (spoiled, I know) and I now have a much greater appreciation for Justin and why he “hates” to paint – LOL !!! It’s not that it’s hard to do, but it’s sooooo time consuming! Anyway, I think Ryan’s room turned out great and looks very grown up. I hope he likes it, because he should be good to go until he leaves for college 🙂 !

I have also been re-arranging our school room and organizing my teacher binder and curriculum. This year we will be studying Rome to Reformation with My Father’s World. Brendan will be completing the second half of Apologia’s General Science (which includes anatomy) and Ryan will be studying the human body and astronomy. We will still be using Teaching Textbooks for math, Spelling Power, and Institute for Excellence in Writing. I did buy the Medieval Times IEW workbook, so the boys will be writing about what they are learning this year! Brendan will also complete two Progeny Press guides and Ryan will complete his first one for additional vocabulary and an in-depth study of literature. This next year looks like a ton of fun and I can already tell that Brendan and Ryan will like studying this period of time (as much as they can enjoy “school” 🙂 ). We have a few fun field trips planned, but I ‘ll share more about those later. Oh, and I HAD to include a picture of one our tadpoles that is FINALLY developing his front legs – woo, hoo!!!

Brendan will be home tomorrow night. We sent him with a camera, so hopefully he’ll have lots of pictures to share and I can put some on the blog. More to come soon…

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A 4th of July We’ll Never Forget!

So yesterday was the 4th of July and we had a few more “fireworks” than we anticipated! 

My dad (who just turned 62 in April) came home from playing tennis and wasn’t feeling well.  After the feeling didn’t pass, my mom took his blood pressure found that it was low.  Dad told her that maybe he should take a baby aspirin – she gave him two 🙂 .  Then thankfully, they decided to go to the ER where Dad found out that he was having a heart attack.  Because they caught it early, there was no damage to his heart.  The doctor put in two stints and he’s expected to come home tomorrow!!!  God totally had His hand on the situation and we are very blessed that there weren’t more serious consequences! 

So yesterday we had many, many things to be thankful for…our freedom, our family, and God’s protection and sovereignty.  God must have a special plan for the rest of Daddy’s life!