A 4th of July We’ll Never Forget!

So yesterday was the 4th of July and we had a few more “fireworks” than we anticipated! 

My dad (who just turned 62 in April) came home from playing tennis and wasn’t feeling well.  After the feeling didn’t pass, my mom took his blood pressure found that it was low.  Dad told her that maybe he should take a baby aspirin – she gave him two 🙂 .  Then thankfully, they decided to go to the ER where Dad found out that he was having a heart attack.  Because they caught it early, there was no damage to his heart.  The doctor put in two stints and he’s expected to come home tomorrow!!!  God totally had His hand on the situation and we are very blessed that there weren’t more serious consequences! 

So yesterday we had many, many things to be thankful for…our freedom, our family, and God’s protection and sovereignty.  God must have a special plan for the rest of Daddy’s life!

One thought on “A 4th of July We’ll Never Forget!

  1. God has plans for your Dad! Lots of prayers where coming his way from this part of town. We are so happy and thankful too. Hope to see you all soon. Pass a hug around from us. Love you guys. Diana

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