Gone to Summer Camp!

We just got back from dropping Ryan off for his first week-long sleepover summer camp. He is a bit nervous but I am proud of him for going, overcoming his fears, and trying new experiences. I know that he’s going to have fun, be challenged, make new friends, get tired, eat lots of junk food, become more independent, and grow in his relationship with God. What an exciting part of growing up!!! He and his “bunk buddy” were already planning on who would sleep on the top bunk and how to sit beside each other on the bus 🙂 .

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Heavnenly Father,
Thank you for this amazing opportunity for Ryan. Please comfort him this week and remind him that You are always with him…hold him close and keep him safe. Please help Ryan to be open to new experiences, to have fun, to make new friends, but most of all to grow closer to you. I am so grateful for this wonderful group of kids from our church. Thank you that the weather looks perfect – not too hot and with very little chance of rain. Father, I pray that Ryan gets enough sleep so that he will feel good and have lots of energy. Please be with the camp staff and counselors this week as they minster to our children. Thank you for helping me to let go and especially for taking care of my “baby” when I can’t be with him!!!

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