It’s Almost Time!!!

Only THREE days to go! Here are some pictures of our 2013-2014 school room:

Our "new" school room:
I try to rearrange the furniture each year to change things up a bit!

This is where we have “group time”, our read alouds, prayer, history, and Bible.

We will be studying anatomy this year and I had to post one of my favorite verses in our room.

This is our DVD station, the boys’ portable workboxes, and extra bookshelves.

My new desk…Brendan wanted a bigger desk for his room so we traded – I don’t get to sit at my desk much anyway!

A great reminder for me that even on the days that are hard, God wants me to rejoice!

Ryan’s desk area

Brendan’s desk area

I decided to line our workboxes this year. Many days the kids would peek inside the clear plastic bins and complain about what was inside. Now there will be an element of surprise 🙂 and maybe I will even put a reward or encouraging note inside occasionally!

Our art supplies

This container holds all of the non-perishable supplies that we’ll need for our hands-on projects and science experiments.

Our new whiteboards…The child size chalkboard/whiteboard easel had to go!

This is the small file folder crate that holds the upcoming 2-3 weeks of school work. I have the rest of the files stored below and pull them out as we move along through our curriculum.

These are some of the extra activities that I purchased to go along with our studies. Many times I have bought things and forgotten to use them, so this year I made a list of everything and scheduled them into my teacher’s manual!

These are the pictures of our 2013-2014 handbook. We will have our “back to school” meeting on Sunday night to pray, discuss the plans for the year, review the rules, and play a fun game.



(More to come soon…)

3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time!!!

  1. VERY inspiring Amy! I am almost done with our new homeroom, too, but have space envy now LOL I am going to have to kick Eric out of his office which is the same layout and size of your room 🙂 Heeheeeheee! Now, I just have to create the school schedule, but we aren’t starting until 9/3 since we have Ladybug Daycare open until next Friday 🙂 Hugs and blessings!!!

  2. Love the verse from Isaiah at the top of the page. It, or I should say He, has carried me through many a time. Will definitely be using your back to school meeting night idea. Thank you so much!

  3. WOW! What a great organized space. Thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

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