When in Rome, do as the Romans do:

What an AWESOME first day!!!  The boys both had positive attitudes, worked hard, and were interested in learning about Ancient Rome.  We learned about how Roman Numerals came to be, notebooked about the founding of Rome and the legend of Romulus and Remus, learned our first Latin word (unus, which means one), located Rome on the map/globe, learned four vocabulary words from the IEW Medieval Times writing book that we’ll be using this year, learned what school was like for the early Romans, completed  a page from History Pockets, read some cool books during book basket time, had a typical “roman” lunch (which included fruit, nuts, bread, and cheese), and watched a few minutes of a video while we ate.

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Thank you Father for helping things to go smoothly on our first day!!!

2013-08-26 16.00.53

Justin brought home flowers (for me) and treats (for the boys) to celebrate our first day – SO SWEET!!!!!


One thought on “When in Rome, do as the Romans do:

  1. Cherry-O ole chaps! We’re having a great time and seeing lots of things–toured Buckingham Palace, saw Big Ben, the London Eye, toured the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, saw Westminister Abby and will tour it tomorrow. Lots more to come!

    So glad to hear your first day of school went well! The boys look like authentic Romans having a Roman lunch-Brendan eating grapes the Roman way. HA! The only thing missing was the grape vine wreath around their heads! HA!

    So glad Misty called with the great news! We are so happy for her and Jonathan!

    Tell the boys we love them!

    Love you,

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