Life Is Messy :) :

Sooooo, a few friends saw my blog post yesterday and thought that it’d be fun to show everybody some of our messes (you know who you are 😉 ) and a little more realistic picture of every day life – here you go:

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3 thoughts on “Life Is Messy :) :

  1. You are totally AWESOME!!!! I love your bravery to share your “messes” and I am using that term loosely here! I think we should start a new movement where all momma’s post pictures of their own messes. I will do that as soon as I finish cleaning 🙂 LOL Hahahaha!!!! Hugs!!!

  2. I love the messy pictures! The theme at MOPS this year is “A Beautiful Mess”! We will spend all year talking about how messy things in our life can sometimes get, but through the mess we are all God’s masterpiece.

  3. Your messes crack me up! I think mine would be called cyclones or volcanoes! 🙂

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