Not Back to School Day!

Public schools in our county started their new year today as we began week number two of Rome to Reformation.  We prayed that all the teachers and students would have a good first day…so for all of my public school friends, I hope everyone’s day went smoothly!


We had an AWESOME time camping at Bethpage in Urbanna over Labor Day weekend!  Our friend Colin had his first experience tubing at the rivah’ 🙂 !!!

2013-09-01 10.58.02 2013-09-01 11.00.21

2013-09-01 11.16.41


Today’s events (sorry the pictures are not in order):

2013-09-03 13.54.00 2013-09-03 13.55.33

2013-09-03 14.11.37 2013-09-03 14.20.54 2013-09-03 14.29.55 2013-09-03 14.30.28 2013-09-03 14.34.22 2013-09-03 14.48.19

After lunch we took a Scientific Method class at the Science Museum, watched an IMAX movie, and celebrated our successful field trip with Slurpees (sugar free of course)!

2013-09-03 14.53.00 2013-09-03 16.13.12

2013-09-03 16.13.20 2013-09-03 16.15.17

For our morning work, we read/notebooked about Julius Caesar, learned our next Latin word which is tres (means three), reviewed our timeline and our Old Testament studies from last year, started spelling, worked on science, and completed our first art lesson.

IMG_8338 IMG_8340 IMG_8343 IMG_8346 IMG_8347 IMG_8348

IMG_8349 IMG_8350 IMG_8352 IMG_8356

IMG_8358 IMG_8359

As a special treat to celebrate “Not Back to School Day”, I let the boys skip math 🙂 !!!


Verse of the Day:

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