“Involve Me and I will Learn…”

One of the amazing benefits of homeschooling :) !!!

One of the amazing benefits of homeschooling 🙂 !!!

I LOVE the above quote by Benjamin Franklin.  He said, “TELL ME AND I FORGET, TEACH ME AND I MAY REMEMBER, INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN.”  I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to go on field trips, complete activities, play games, try different foods, and experience the things that we are learning about!

Well, we’ve had a busy two days!  Brendan and Ryan ROCKED their first writing assignment…I was literally jumping for joy – LOL!!!  We have learned about Roman life in the city and how their education system worked, done some fun science experiments, continued learning Latin and practicing cursive, started learning about the books of the New Testament, and of course covered the usual subjects (math, reading, spelling, etc.).

We took our second class at the Science Museum this afternoon and learned about building bridges.  The boys were challenged to a competition to see who could build the strongest bridge using only the materials that they were given.  Brendan and his partner won…future engineer maybe???  We also had a few minutes to check out the Boost exhibit which was very cool.  Each person gets a card that they scan at the different stations.  After each exercise, the computer screens display your results.  Brendan and Ryan were enjoying it so much, that we’re going to go back sometime soon so that they can have more time to try everything.

Verse of the Day:  

 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  John 14:6

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One thought on ““Involve Me and I will Learn…”

  1. I WANT TO GO TO THE SCIENCE MUSEUM!! Looks like lots of fun and you get to learn while you’re at it! So proud of Brendan and Ryan for doing such a great job on their writing assignments! 🙂 Yall keep up the good work!

    Love you all,

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