Staff Appreciation Lunch:

Today has been a wonderful day!  The boys worked on their independent assignments this morning and then we headed to church to serve lunch to our AMAZING church staff!  Our new homeschool group wanted to show our appreciation for all the hard work, dedication, and love that the staff share with our church family.  The kids all decorated cards, visited and said thank you to everybody, and helped serve tea and water.  We then “snuck” outside for a picnic lunch so that the staff members could enjoy their lunch and have some peace and quiet :).  It was a good lesson on serving others and a lot of fun! Next, we came home and had group time before heading to guitar lessons. It’s been a long, but fantastic day!!!

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3 thoughts on “Staff Appreciation Lunch:

  1. Wow; their faces have changes so much over one summer. What young gentlemen they are becoming.

  2. Wow! What a very busy day you all had! And, what a thoughtful way to tell our church staff, “Thank you!”

    Brendan and Ryan look great in their new sweat shirts! Perfect weather to wear them! What beautiful weather God has bless us with!

    Love you all,

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