Back in the Game :) !!!

Can you believe that it’s been almost a week since my last post?  (some of you are probably cheering – 🙂 )  I promise that we had school last week, but I had a cold and decided to give the kids a “photo break”…they get a little tired of me chasing them around with a camera sometimes – LOL!  Back to reality boys!!!

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So, here are some highlights from today:

We completed a writing assignment using IEW, learned about arches for science, started new spelling words, worked on memory work from the book of Romans, learned about some of the prophecies that were fulfilled when Jesus was born, worked on our Creation Museum report, continued Latin, read another chapter from The Bronze Bow, did math lessons, and took a field trip to an open house at the Math and Science Innovation Center.  The boys have taken classes at the MSIC for the past few summers and they love it!  We got to see a 3-D printer in use, visit the aquarium room, visit spiders, “go into space”, walk to the pond, and lots of other fun activities.  Of course, the Kona Ice truck was a big hit too :)!

One thought on “Back in the Game :) !!!

  1. What a busy day! Lots of interesting things! MSIC is a wonderful place of learning! You are a super teacher! And, fun,too–ending the trip with Kona Ice! 🙂

    Love you all very much!


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