Leaky Faucets and Life Lessons:

We got back into the swing of things this morning after our glorious four day weekend in the mountains.  Brendan and Ryan are doing great with their memory work from Romans!  We studied skulls for science, learned about the temptation of Jesus in the desert, drew hands for art, had a grammar lesson about homophones, watched a few sections of Drive Thru History, and completed all of the “regular subjects”.  Then God blessed us with a leaky faucet (otherwise known as a “life lesson”) 🙂 !

IMG_9497 IMG_9498

For some reason, these little incidents always seem to happen when Justin’s not around.  After Ryan got out of the shower, the water wouldn’t cut off and was trickling out at a pretty good pace.  Well, it was going to be a few hours before Dad would be home (and water’s not free), so I called Brendan in to help, found a video on YouTube, gathered a few tools, put Justin on Face Time so he could see what was going on, and got to work.  It’s pretty cool that you can just Google a video and find out how to fix common household problems – thank goodness for technology!  It was just a broken piece of plastic that can be easily replaced, but it was a great bonding time with Brendan.  I told him that this was his “life skill” lesson of the day and that it was great practice for being a husband someday 🙂 !


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One thought on “Leaky Faucets and Life Lessons:

  1. I am convicted at the way you describe a leaky faucet as a “life lesson.” I would have described it as a “pain in the rear” or maybe, maybe on a nice day, a “distraction.” Thanks for the perspective! 🙂

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