Renaissance Festival Field Trip:

The two cutest "knights in shining armor" EVER!!!

The two cutest “knights in shining armor” EVER!!!

We will be studying medieval times in the next few months (we’re not quite there yet) and I wanted to take the kids to experience a renaissance festival.  After researching, I discovered that the Carolina Renaissance Festival had great reviews so off we went to Huntersville, North Carolina for a field trip 🙂 !  We drove down Friday afternoon, ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, and let the boys swim in the indoor pool after we checked in.  Our hotel suite (Homewood Suites by Hilton) was awesome !  It was spacious, had a full kitchenette, family room, and separate bedroom.  The hotel offered a complimentary hot breakfast and Justin had earned enough points from travelling for work that the room was completely free!  You guys know how much I love free stuff – LOL !!!

We enjoyed seeing all kinds of unique things at the festival including a sword swallower, acrobats, jousting, sword fighting, glass blowing, dancing, and a show about the art of falconry.  The bird show was really cool and the boys said that it was their favorite part.  Did you know that vultures will vomit on you as a form of defense?  Eeewww!  It was amazing to have owls fly right over our heads and see how completely silent their flight is…which is how they sneak up on their prey.  We also learned that falcons have been estimated to fly at over 200 miles per hours!

It’s been a fun family weekend!

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One thought on “Renaissance Festival Field Trip:

  1. What an interesting trip! Loved all the pictures, especially the ones with my family. Some were quite intertaining! HA!

    Please give hugs and kisses to Sir Ryan and Sir Brendan! 🙂

    Love you all!

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