Change Can Be A Good Thing!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to review an AMAZING resource to homeschool families.  I’ve been enjoying The Old Schoolhouse Magazine since we first began our journey of educating at home two and a half years ago.  They have undergone several changes since 2010 when I first subscribed to the magazine.

Those of you who know me well understand that I don’t like change very much…I’ve had a similar hairstyle for years, our furniture is in the same place that it was the day we moved into our house ten years ago, and I still have a (really) hard time accepting that I am now the mom of a teenager!  So when The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ( announced  that they would be switching to a digital format instead of paper copies, I was not a happy camper.  I loved being able to “dog ear” my favorite pages,  smelling the fresh ink, and feeling the excitement of discovering the latest issue in my mailbox!  But change is just a part of life, and so I downloaded the app to my tablet and checked out the new “modern” version of The Old Schoolhouse.  WOW, WOW, WOW!  There were some amazing new features in the new digital version that made the changes all worth it!   The best change of all is that the digital  format is completely FREE!  Yes, that’s right…FREE!  You can go see for yourself at or  Now, let me share some of my favorite parts of the current November/December issue and you’ll see why I have devoured this magazine for years!




If you see an advertisement for a product or curriculum that you want to learn more about, you just click on the web address and you are instantly taken to the company’s homepage!  HOW COOL IS THAT?




The magazine is FULL of many different types of articles from tips for new homeschoolers to encouragement for the tired and weary.  They also have fun stories, and this was one of my favorites because it involves food (ha, ha).  I like to add fun and interesting topics to our homeschool from time to time and will definitely be sharing the story of gingerbread with the boys as a Christmas activity.  It’s always fun to “spice things up” 🙂 !____________________________________________________________________________________________


The Old Schoolhouse does a wonderful job of keeping us up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and policies that are important to the homeschool community like this article on Obama’s “Race to the Top.”



I love reading product reviews by other homeschool families.  I have spent many hours researching curriculum, games, and books over the years.  It is so helpful to read about the experiences and opinions of “real” families.  I enjoy hearing what works and what doesn’t work for them, comparing products, and looking at pictures of the products being used.  This month’s issue featured readers’ favorites and I was excited to see that several of our curriculum choices were also the favorites of other families!  The Old Schoolhouse has a FANTASTIC resource for reviews at .



I found this article on higher education to be especially helpful since Brendan will be in the ninth grade next year.  It is scary when you get into those upper grades and can be confusing as you try to wrap your mind around transcripts, college prep courses, credits, electives, and GPA’s. This article answered questions such as “what kind of prerequisites must be met in order to participate in dual-enrollment classes?”  and “when do you need to register?”  The article was written by a veteran homeschool mom of seven who has had several children successfully complete dual-enrollment courses which she states helped them with transitioning into college.


I appreciate the focus on training our kids to serve others!

I appreciate the focus on training our kids to serve others!


If you want to know the mission of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, this says it al!


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