When In Rome…Do As The Romans Do :) :

We held a Roman feast tonight to celebrate all that we have been learning and it was sooooo much fun!  All the family members were good sports and even agreed to dress in togas 🙂 . We lounged around our coffee dining table, ate with our fingers, and even got to through our chicken bones on the floor!  Brendan and Ryan shared some of the things that they’ve learned about ancient Rome and we all had a nice time just being together.

I had been tempted to skip the meal since I did a smaller version for the boys on the first day of school (and these special meals can be a lot of work), but I’m glad that we did it.  These are the memories that will last a lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “When In Rome…Do As The Romans Do :) :

  1. I love it!! So Grammy and Pappy joined you guys! I know you all had a good time!

  2. What a fun night!! Thank you, Amy, for inviting us to join your family in the Roman Feast, costumes and all! 🙂 The food was delicious and spending the time with family was priceless!

    Thank you, Ryan, for sharing the information from your Roman notebook and thank you for sharing the Bible verses you have memorized. You and Brendan are doing great in “hiding God’s word in your heart.”

    Can’t wait until the next “special dinner!” 🙂

    Love you all very much!

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