Happy Thanksgiving Break!

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I didn’t realize that our county’s public schools were out today…oops!  I was a “mean” mom and made the kids do a small amount of schoolwork so we could stay on schedule 😉 .  We had fun creating a Thanksgiving Mad Lib, learned about the fall of Rome and the Germanic tribes that invaded during that time period, read another chapter in Twice Freed, finished our second Latin word of the week, worked on a scripture memory activity, and Brendan had a science experiment to finish.  Now it’s time to do some baking and enjoy time with my family!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving Break!

  1. Hi, Homegrown Hatfields! I saw your recent post on Bible memory and wanted to make sure you know about ScriptureTyper.com, one of the top (and free!) Bible memory websites. My husband developed it a few years ago, and it makes it super easy to memorize God’s Word. Scripture Typer also has iPhone, iPad, and Android apps available that sync with your account online, so you can memorize anytime, anywhere. Hope Scripture Typer blesses your family!

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