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As a new 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew member, I have been blessed to receive and review a Yearly Membership Option  to offers lessons and classes in over 5o different subjects including photography, math, foreign language, music, art, history, and many more!

Classes and lessons are provided for a wide variety of ages from preschool to high school. There is a section called “Dailies” which includes things such as games, copywork, spelling, and even a monthly menu planner with recipes! Under “Extras”, subscribers have access to many amazing planners, The Old Schoolhouse digital magazines and supplements, and monthly bonus E-books.

Subscriptions are available yearly for $139 or on a monthly basis at $12.95 per month, plus your first month is only $3!  What a GREAT deal!!!  BUT WAIT!!! (I sound like an infomercial 🙂 )…, if you purchase a Yearly Membership Option  during the month of December, you get a FREE 1 year membership for a friend and a free print copy of the 2014 print issue of Old Schoolhouse Magazine (the digital magazines are always free)!

There are so many interesting subjects that it was HARD to decide which classes to use with the boys, so I let them look through the options and choose an elective to study.


Ryan chose to take a course in photography designed by Michele Peterson that is geared for middle through highschoolers.


He is only in the fifth grade so some of the material is difficult for Ryan to understand, but since we complete the lessons together I am easily able to adapt the information to his level.  Each day, we read the printable lessons together and discuss the various assignments.  The assignments consist of various activities such as learning about the settings on your cameras, taking still shots using the “auto” setting, practicing with the AV mode, and taking shots using different shutter speeds.   Ryan loves it when he gets to run around and take photos!

Here’s a quick slide of some of Ryan’s assignments:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also chose to print out a lapbook provided by to reinforce what we were learning.  Activities include things like vocabulary words and learning the differences between Calotype and Daguerrotype photographs.  The lapbook is a wonderful way to learn about the history of photography!  Ryan is going to use his lapbook for his February report in our public speaking group, so we are “killing two birds with one stone” 🙂 !


Brendan (8th grade) LOVES working with computers, so he decided to go through the computer science/programming course by Chris Yust.  I went through the lesson archives and printed off everything because I’d like for Ryan to take the course next year.  I appreciate how the class is written directly to the student and is easy to understand.  After reading the first day’s lesson, the students do a matching activity to review basic computer terms.  There are also short videos provided throughout the class to enhance learning.  Most days include an assignment which requires the student to complete activities on the computer.  These activities build on each other and increase in difficulty as the class progresses.  I like how Mr. Yust provides a mixture of activites that  appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.



The course covers topics such as using Windows Explorer, file and folder management, using text editors, and basic web page design with HTML.  I think that the Computer Progamming class would be perfect for a student who has a basic understanding of computers, but would like to learn more in-depth skills.  Brendan was hoping for something a little more advanced, but is still enjoying reviewing the basics.  The class is ongoing and Mr. Yust will be continuing to add lessons to the site regularly so I believe that the material will get more difficult and challenging as time goes on.


I am excited to continue “digging” though the many resources at and finding more courses to enhance our studies!  I only had time to review the photography and computer science courses, but you can read how other homeschool families use for their students at .

You can also check out their Facebook page at !

5 thoughts on “Review of

  1. Enjoying your review from the TOS Homeschooling Them blog !

  2. I’m going to have to check out that computer course! I think both my 6th and 8th grader would be interested!

  3. Looks like your son had a great time. Did he take the photos that were in the slide show. They are beautifully done. I have older children as well and it’s difficult sometimes to find quality activities for teens.

    I may have to peek the computer course. We can always use refreshers.

    Nicely laid out review. Welcome to the crew. 🙂

  4. Michele is a personal friend of mine. I am so thrilled to read about how you used the photography lessons! My 9th and 11th graders are currently using the computer science lessons. Welcome to the crew!

  5. I’m looking forward to doing the photography course as a family. Great idea using a slide to share about his assignments!

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