Back from Break!

Today went fantastic 🙂 !!!!  We had a “back to school” meeting last night to review expectations and go over schedule changes.  Both kids did well with the changes and hopefully the good attitudes and momentum will continue.

We jumped right back into our study of the growth of Islam after the fall of the Roman empire.  We also  added another verse to our Bible memory work, had a grammar lesson, learned our next Latin word, completed an art lesson, and got back into the swing of things with workboxes (reading, math, spelling, science, etc.)

Brendan and Ryan also had fun using their creativity to build items using household items. Ryan built a “gum holder” for his desk and a cool boat for his Lego guys. Brendan built a weapon (of course) 😉 . It shot a hole straight though his bulletin board when they tested it – OH, MY!!! My first question was, “WHO was holding the board when you shot at it ???” Thankfully, they had the board sitting in a chair!

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The picture of the necklace was a gift from my mom. I love it!!! It represents our homeschool and has an apple, school building, both kids’ birthstones, stack of books, and a Mom charm. She ordered it from Origami Owl. What a perfect gift for homeschool moms!!!

One thought on “Back from Break!

  1. Great job getting back into the swing of things you guys! Ryan, love the gum holder and the Lego boat. Brendan, love the weapon and really glad to hear No One was holding up the bulletin board as you shot a hole through it! Yikes!

    Yall have a great day tomorrow and stay warm!

    Love you all,

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