(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday!

Learning how a scab forms over a cut to protect us from germs.

Learning how a scab forms over a cut to protect us from germs.


Practicing Latin!


New vocabulary words


Making vocabulary cards to help study for the quiz next week!


Watching Ryan’s pulse…I know this doesn’t look safe, but we couldn’t get it to work on his wrist 🙂 !


“Mom, are you sure this is safe?”


A DVD about the circulatory system.


We’re adding new projects to our grammar lapbooks daily.


A challenging puzzle to give the boys’ hands something productive to do while I read!


A sweet gift from a precious friend 🙂 ! Thank you Lucky!!!


Poor Willie is having a hard time growing his beard in this cold weather 😦 .


My “Winter Wonderland” themed mantel.


A New Year’s message!


Playing with the camera…I should’ve gotten Ryan to take some pictures for me!


Quick Announcement from the Home Educator’s Association of Virginia:

Do you want to learn more about what homeschooling is or how to begin?  Do you have a homeschool child entering high school soon?

Then you don’t want to miss the upcoming HEAV seminars held in Richmond on January 9th and 10th!!!  It is not too late to register!   Click the picture below for details:

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