School Week #1 of 2014…DONE!

Wow! We accomplished a lot of learning this week…it’s amazing what happens when I actually make a specific schedule and stick to it. I was even able to work out 4 days! I’ve got some a lot of Christmas goodies to burn off 😉 !

We finished our study of Islam and the boys both wrote papers on Mohammed, the founder of the Muslim faith. Brendan is learning about the digestive system and did a neat experiment using toilet bowl cleaner (with hydrochloric acid) and Tums to mimic how our stomach acids help break down food. The kids have both learned their scripture verses and we will add a few more to it next week.  We also watched a movie about Ramadan, tried hummus for the first time (not big fans),  painted for art, and played basketball during PE.  We have enjoyed praying specifically for our families this week (the ones whose Christmas cards were pulled).   The boys have their guitar recital at the end of this month, so they’ve been practicing and fine tuning their songs for that.

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My new position on the 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew has officially begun so we will be using and testing different products and curriculums over the next ten months.  How exciting!!!

I have also been researching different options for Brendan’s classes since he’ll be in the ninth grade next fall.  I know that I’ve said it before, but I just can’t believe that my baby is almost in high school!  How can that be possible?  I’m going to a conference next Saturday on how to homeschool through high school and hope that many of my questions and concerns will be covered.  It’s exciting and yet intimidating to be heading into those upper years, but I know that God already knows the plans that he has for us over the next four years…my job is to listen and follow Him!

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