When You Feel Like Quitting…

After the Christmas season is over and the long, cold days of winter begin, many homeschool parents begin to loose their “uumph”.  The newness of the curriculum has worn off, the kids aren’t getting outside as often, everybody tends to be a little more grumpy, the motivation is waning, you may not be as far ahead as you’d like to be, and the summer seems to be a LONG way away.

Well…..thankfully, I belong to a WONDERFUL homeschool support group and I was blessed to host that group in our home last night!  The focus of the meeting was hanging on during the hard days.  Our leader read a beautiful devotion and then had us go through several activities and scriptures that God had laid on her heart. It was so encouraging that I just had to share some of the highlights on my blog!

First, Nikki had the group come up with a list of “benefits” to quitting homeschooling. We came up with things like more free time, a cleaner house, a career, more money, etc. Then she asked us what all of these had in common…”ME” !!!  Almost every one of the benefits listed was purely selfish.



Next we got to list all of the BENEFITS of homeschooling. Some of the things listed were a sense of peace from being in Gods will, getting to truly know our kids and have lots of time with them,  the blessing of flexibility, teaching our kids to love the Lord, and the opportunity to  encourage our kids’ passions.

Nikki then asked, “Would any of you be willing to give these benefits up?”

Not one Mom said yes.

Not one.

Isn’t that amazing!!! As hard as homeschooling can be at times, the benefits far outweigh any perceived disadvantages.


The first Bible verse that Nikki shared is below:

She reminded each of us that we are not alone on this homeschool journey.  We are in a partnership with God and he will never leave us or forsake us.  We can be confident that He will finish what He started!  God is WITH us and FOR us!!!


Verse number two:


Nikki talked about how we are “a great cloud of witnesses” that surround each other to offer encouragement, prayer, and support.  We talked about how to “throw off everything that hinders” (ex. – fatigue) and “the sin that so easily entangles” (ex. – comparison and doubt). Our goal is to persevere,  fix our eyes on Jesus, and not grow weary or lose heart.


The final verse:

God will reward us for loving and following Him one day!  What an AMAZING encouragement to keep going!!!


I LOVE this precious group of ladies and feel so blessed to have the chance to “share life” with them!  We share our struggles with things like doubt, weariness, impatience, selfishness, and worry. We laugh and we cry.  We pray and we love.  We uplift and encourage…and we all are blessed.

Thank you Father for the promise that you are with us and for us.  Thank you for this incredible opportunity to teach our children at home.  Thank you that you provide others to travel with us on this journey.  I pray that we are able to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith for your glory!

This post is dedicated to a precious wife, mother, and friend in our church family who tragically lost her life yesterday.  Please keep the Menzies family and all involved in your prayers.

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