Friday (Enough Said)!!!

Another busy week….check!  We have been learning about several important leaders this week including Charlemagne, Charles the Hammer, Pope Gregory, and St. Patrick as we work our way through the Middle Ages.  Brendan and Ryan both got perfect scores on their vocabulary quizzes and are progressing well with our memory work (proud mama here 🙂 ).

They have enjoyed playing chess this week also.  Did you know that chess has been a popular game for over 1500 years and became popular in Europe during the 15th century?  I have to admit that I don’t know how to play.  I prefer more fast-paced games 😉 , but I’m glad that the boys and Justin enjoy it!


I’m excited that I’m going to a High School Symposium with Dane Kummer tomorrow.  Here are the topics that will be covered:

Developing a High School Plan:  Sample 4-Year Plans

High School Transcript Clinic and Recordkeeping Help

Important Pit Stops during High School

You Can Homeschool High School – If You Can Make it Through Tomorrow (I have a feeling that this may be my favorite session 🙂 )

Question and Answer Session


I hope to post some of the tips and ideas that I learn next week.  I hope that everybody has a safe and blessed weekend!

This is part of the verses that we have been memorizing!

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