Parchment, PE, and Pretzels!

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We had fun today learning about how monks used to spend many hours copying the Bible onto parchment, going to P.E., and making pretzels this afternoon. Public schools were cancelled because of the “chance” of snow (it JUST started snowing around 4:30 pm – OOPS!!!), but we I decided that there was no need for us to have a snow day 🙂 . Here are some interesting things that we learned about the history of pretzels:

Some people believe that pretzels were created by a monk around 610 in Italy. It is said that the monk baked strips of dough and then folded the strips into a shape which resembled a child crossing their arms in prayer. He gave the treats, which he called “pretiolas” (“little rewards”), to children who had memorized their prayers. Although this is a neat story, there is no actual documented evidence from the 600s to confirm the tale.

I just wanted to make them because it was a fun excuse to make a yummy treat while we learned about the early monks 🙂 ! If you’d like to learn more, click here : PRETZELS.

One thought on “Parchment, PE, and Pretzels!

  1. Yummy! The pretzels look really good! Great job guys!

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