Not Quite Wordless Wednesday:


Book basket resources for Ancient China


Ryan conducting a cool experiment from Apologia Astronomy.


He slowly added drops of milk to the water, which imitates the dust and particles that “cloud” our atmosphere.


Our beautiful sunset!


I go down to throw the clothes in the dryer and this is what I return to…the kids have attached Ryan’s skeleton to the ceiling fan and are torturing it…boys 🙂 !!!


I like to use scripture for cursive practice.


Working on another science experiment…


…and we have an eclipse!


Ryan’s doing a great job on his Astronomy notebook!


Look in the upper right hand corner! I got a brochure in the mail yesterday and noticed that a picture of Ryan was on the cover – very cool!


Our newest memory work


Art lesson on painting diptychs.


Great skin tone Brendan!


Ryan found a nice comfortable spot to work 🙂



Our two families that we are praying for this week!


We added adverbs to our grammar lapbooks this week.


Some worksheets to reinforce our grammar lesson.


Brendan’s Apologia General Science notebook.


Ryan enjoys these little activities and this is one that I bought when we visited the Creation Museum.


Working hard and making a huge mess!


The finished product!

Field Trip Friday!

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to meet up with a group of middle schoolers to play laser tag and indoor paintball.  It was the perfect way to let off some steam! There were two girls in the group and they hung right in there with all the boys 🙂 .  Everybody had a blast and then some of us went to Sweet Frog to cool off (I didn’t get any pictures of that part of the trip…the boys were soooooo tired of me taking pictures that I figured that I better NOT bring the camera into the yogurt shop – LOL!).  What a FUN afternoon!!!  We are blessed to have such an amazing group of friends!

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s…..???

…dry ice 🙂 !  Brendan and Ryan had fun “experimenting” with dry ice this afternoon.   My Nutrisystem order comes packed with the ice and they were so excited when the delivery man rang the doorbell – who knew that ice could entertain two boys for over two hours???


We started learning about ancient China today, so we decided to order Chinese take out for dinner (plus, I went to marinate chicken last night and realized that I forgot to buy any – LOL!)  The boys also practiced their Latin root words with a matching game – it’s amazing how many words they have learned already!  Ryan is having fun learning about planets and the sun and Brendan will be starting his last of two modules in General Science tomorrow.  Since he’ll be finished with science early, he will be taking a 1/2 credit high school financial course to finish out the year.  We’ve also been working with several products that we’re reviewing (more about those coming soon), writing short reports on Vikings, and memorizing some new verses from Philippians.  We have a fun afternoon field trip planned tomorrow and will post pictures soon 🙂 !

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Share the Love!

Our FAITH homeschool group (from our home church) held a small Valentine’s Day party this afternoon. We always try to include a service opportunity for the children to participate in, so they decorated cards and made treat bags for all of our church staff. The kids also made get well cards for one of the moms who had surgery this morning. We also collected canned goods for a local food pantry.  It was so sweet watching the kids design their cards – I love watching them interact with each other and sharing in their laughter and joy!

Brendan and several of the older girls came up with and ran a few games for the kids including a few relay races and a Bible verse activity.  Brendan and Ryan were a huge help with setting up, decorating, keeping order, and cleaning up after the party. The kids made so many Valentine cards that we were able to drop off a box of extras at a local nursing home! What a wonderful day to share the love of Christ 🙂 !

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Computers, Castles, and Cupid:

It’s been another fun day at Homegrown Hatfields 🙂 ! The highlight of our day was making a castle cake and having our annual Valentine’s Day dinner. I saw an idea of a cake on Pinterest and thought it would be fun. Justin doesn’t like chocolate, so we had to make a few adaptations, but it turned out great! Of course, the boys had to add a casuality to the moat surrounded by blood red sprinkles!

We had school even though the public schools were out AGAIN for snow…what a crazy winter!!! The boys finished their papers on Charlemagne, Brendan took apart and rebuilt a computer, we read the second chapter in A Dangerous Journey, and covered all the rest of our usual subjects. As much as the kids hate it sometimes, I’m so glad that we are still able to have school when the weather is nasty – I’d much rather save our days off for the spring and summer!

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