Another Version of Workboxes:

Last week I shared a post about how we use workboxes to organize our school days.  On most days, we use large plastic drawer “towers” that are located in the schoolroom.  However, on days when we have outside activities and need to be finished with work earlier, we use more of a work “file” system.  For example, on Tuesdays we have P.E. and private guitar lessons, so I pack the boys’ file boxes on Monday nights.  Here are some pictures and descriptions of Ryan’s (5th grade) assignments for tomorrow:


Each file box holds hanging file folders. There are also several compartments in the top of the box where I keep school supplies that the kids may need.


Each file folder is numbered and as Ryan works through his assignments, he will place them in the “completed work” folder.


Workbox #1 – Reading assignment about Feudalism and then a notebooking activity to reinforce comprehension.


Workbox #2 – Art assignment about drawing castles.


Workbox #3 – Reading/Progeny Press assignment.


Workbox #4 – A Valentine activity…just something fun!


Workbox #5 – A grammar activity on verbs.


Workbox #6 – Book basket reading.


Workbox #7 – Spelling assignment (already uploaded on Ryan’s laptop). I laminated cards that are “everyday” activities and just put those in the boxes daily.


Workbox #8 – Math assignment (we use Teaching Textbooks).


Workbox #9 – Guitar practice

The file boxes that we use are normally around $10 and I’ve seen them at Walmart and Target recently if anyone is interested in trying the work “file” system 🙂 .

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