Computers, Castles, and Cupid:

It’s been another fun day at Homegrown Hatfields 🙂 ! The highlight of our day was making a castle cake and having our annual Valentine’s Day dinner. I saw an idea of a cake on Pinterest and thought it would be fun. Justin doesn’t like chocolate, so we had to make a few adaptations, but it turned out great! Of course, the boys had to add a casuality to the moat surrounded by blood red sprinkles!

We had school even though the public schools were out AGAIN for snow…what a crazy winter!!! The boys finished their papers on Charlemagne, Brendan took apart and rebuilt a computer, we read the second chapter in A Dangerous Journey, and covered all the rest of our usual subjects. As much as the kids hate it sometimes, I’m so glad that we are still able to have school when the weather is nasty – I’d much rather save our days off for the spring and summer!

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2 thoughts on “Computers, Castles, and Cupid:

  1. Nice castle! I’d like a piece please!

  2. I LOVE the Castle Cake! Brendan and Ryan, you did a great job! Yummy!

    Glad yall had a good school day! You all are going to enjoy your summer vacation while Hanover schools will still be in school! HA!

    Amy, your Valentine’s Day table is beautiful! And, so are your flowers!

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you all!

    I love you,

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