Where There’s Smoke, There’s…..???

…dry ice 🙂 !  Brendan and Ryan had fun “experimenting” with dry ice this afternoon.   My Nutrisystem order comes packed with the ice and they were so excited when the delivery man rang the doorbell – who knew that ice could entertain two boys for over two hours???


We started learning about ancient China today, so we decided to order Chinese take out for dinner (plus, I went to marinate chicken last night and realized that I forgot to buy any – LOL!)  The boys also practiced their Latin root words with a matching game – it’s amazing how many words they have learned already!  Ryan is having fun learning about planets and the sun and Brendan will be starting his last of two modules in General Science tomorrow.  Since he’ll be finished with science early, he will be taking a 1/2 credit high school financial course to finish out the year.  We’ve also been working with several products that we’re reviewing (more about those coming soon), writing short reports on Vikings, and memorizing some new verses from Philippians.  We have a fun afternoon field trip planned tomorrow and will post pictures soon 🙂 !

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One thought on “Where There’s Smoke, There’s…..???

  1. What fun! Who knew dry ice could be so entertaining! HA!

    Love you all so much,

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