March Comes In Like a Lion…

…and goes out like a lamb (hopefully) 🙂 .  We’ve had the CRAZIEST weather this winter!  Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny and less than 24 hours later it is below freezing and we have 6 inches of snow!  IMG_1138

Even though we are ready for spring, we are making the most of this snowy weather.  Justin and I had a chance to go on an overnight skiing trip last week and we had sooooooo much fun!  I love that Justin is my best friend and that we have hobbies that we both enjoy doing together.  The mountains were beautiful and the weather was perfect.  On our last run down mountain, we had two deer sprint across the slope right in front of us – it was so neat!




Luckily, we can still have school even when the weather is nasty and will get to be outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather that is coming soon.  We have now added Japan and Korea to our history studies.  It’s amazing how much China influenced both countries.


We learned a little bit about samurai warriors and how Japan had a feudal system similar to Europe during the Middle Ages.


Brendan and Ryan even got to write their own Haiku and did great:


We also continued learning Latin root words:


Cursive (what a great quote!!!):

Brendan is almost finished with his Progeny Press Guide for Eagle of the Ninth:

Ryan is learning about the planet Mercury for science:
Making craters in Mercury using flour, marbles, and small pebbles: IMG_1150

One thought on “March Comes In Like a Lion…

  1. Glad you and Justin had a fun time skiing and spending time together. We had a wonderful time with our grandsons!

    Enjoyed all of the pictures!

    Love you all,

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