Guess who we learned about today 🙂 ?  We read about the adventurous life of Marco Polo from The Story of the World and the boys copied a map of his travels.  Have you ever wondered where that crazy pool game actually came from?  Well, I was wondering too and here’s what I found at :

“The game Marco Polo historically refers to the time when the explorer Marco Polo (then at the age of 17) was exploring the region of China with his father and uncle. They were traveling to China in order to see the Khan. Marco grew very exhausted during their travels and fell asleep on his horse one day. His horse sensed this and dropped back from the traveling caravan within the nation. When Marco woke up and did not see his family, he began to hear voices within the desert and thought that it was his family searching for him and calling his name ‘Marco’. Because of this, he began to respond to those cries with ‘Polo’. It turned out that Marco Polo was actually hallucinating and they were not calling him even though he was later found by his family.”

I’m not sure how accurate the answer is, but it makes sense to me 🙂 .  Anyway, here’s a quick slideshow of what we’ve been working on over the past few days:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ryan set up one of his pictures (taken with his new camera) as wallpaper on his laptop and I think it looks great! Spring is on the way!!!!!

I also started a new Bible study with a group of friends, but it’s been a long day so I’ll save that post for tomorrow…

One thought on “Marco………..

  1. Beautiful picture, Ryan. You are becoming a very good photographer!

    What is Brendan creating with the box, copper wire, etc.? Some type of computer?

    Great lesson on Marco Polo! I learn something new!


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