Thankful For Time to Serve!

On Sunday after worship, the boys and I had the opportunity to work together with our church’s homeschool group to sort, organize, and package a month’s worth of food donations for our local food bank. The kids (and adults 🙂 ) had lots of fun and it was heart-warming to see so many little hands and feet serving Jesus joyfully. We were able to do a few hours worth of work in only 45 minutes – “Many hands make light work!”

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Today we went to MCEF to unload the boxes and stock the shelves. Everybody worked hard and we were finished in an hour. I’m so grateful to God for the privilege to homeschool and the extra time and opportunities that it gives our family!

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One thought on “Thankful For Time to Serve!

  1. How awesome! What a wonderful way for the children to give of themselves to serve the Lord by helping others in need!

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