A Week of Blessings:

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in your day?  I sure have lately – these last few weeks of school have been FULL!  I feel like I can barely keep up some days…but it’s a good “busy”.  When I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, I try to stop and remember how quickly this season in life is passing.

We have started learning about the early explorers and I think the boys will really enjoy studying their adventures.  We read through Philippians and are now in 1 John for Bible, we have learned quite a few more Latin words, completed several experiments, and have been working on projects.  Ryan will be giving his report on photography on Monday and Brendan will be teaching us about the Vikings.  Since the weather has been so nice, we’ve also been playing tennis most afternoons and even though we’re not very good, we have fun laughing at each other 🙂 !

We had three special things happen this week:

1) We got to babysit my sweet little niece Brooke for a few hours on Wednesday.  The boys were a huge help!  I don’t know how moms with little ones homeschool…maybe I’m just getting old – LOL!!!

2)  My cousin and her husband had their first baby, Macon Clark on Monday.  He is adorable – we are so blessed to have new babies to love on!

3)  Our local newspaper published a picture from our service project to MCEF last week.  The boys were excited to see themselves and their buddies in the paper!

Tomorrow, the boys will be finishing up their projects and then we’ll be meeting up with some friends to race indoor go-carts (Field Trip Friday 🙂 )…

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One thought on “A Week of Blessings:

  1. Lots of blessings! Two sweet babies in the family, two very handsome and wonderful grandsons, one very creative teacher (my precious daughter), a fantastic son-in-law and the blessings go on and on!

    Thank you, Lord, for showers of blessings!

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