Review: Supercharged Science

Including hands-on activities is essential when teaching boys, so we were very thankful for the chance to review Supercharged Science, a full science program which focuses on conducting exciting experiments to get students interested in science!

Supercharged Science was created by Aurora Lipper, who has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.  Aurora has a passion for science and wants to share her excitement with others.  Click here to read her full bio!

We received a six month e-Science Premium Membership.   This membership program costs just $37 per month (elementary grades) or $57 per month for the expanded 9-12th grade material (good for advanced 5-8 graders too).  Click here to see the technical requirements.

There are over 800 experiments included in your membership!  You can work through various units such as Energy, Mechanics, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Biology.  A printable shopping list is available for each unit and many of the items needed are common household objects.

Another option is to work through each grade level to receive a well-rounded study of science.  If you are using Supercharged Science as a supplement to a science curriculum that you are already using, you can type a subject into the search icon and add fun experiments to enhance your studies.  Or if your child has a particular interest in a topic like electronics, you can choose that unit and work through the videos with Aurora (like electronics below)!

Other extras:  homeschooling blog, science fair projects, how to keep a science journal, the scientific method, and more!


Our first experiment was a blast!  The experiment was called Microwaving Soap – it sounds strange doesn’t it?  I made Brendan and Ryan give me their hypotheses about what they thought would happen to the soap as it was heated.  They expected that it would either “melt” or “explode”.  The only items needed for this fun experiment was a bar on Ivory soap and a microwave (simple)!

We’ll see what happens…
Whoa!!! That is CRAZY!
Using several printables that were available to print for this experiment, I was able to explain how Ivory soap has more air whipped into it than other soaps.  The microwave excites the water molecules in turn causing the water vapor to expand.
Brendan and Ryan (and Mom 🙂 ) had a great time!
We then watched a quick video to reinforce what we were learning.
IMG_1277Another really cool thing about Supercharged Science is that many experiments also have worksheets available to help the students dig deeper into the topics being studied.  The Microwaving Soap printable included a chart in which helped us create our own questions and hypotheses, perform our own experiments, make observations, and write down the conclusions discovered.
IMG_1297We wanted to know if Ivory soap would float and then wanted to compare that result with another brand (Ryan chose Old Spice).


The Ivory floated!


The Old Spice sunk like a rock!

Our other experiments included using only 1/4 of a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave to see how large it would expand and microwaving the Old Spice bar to see if it would get bigger (it didn’t, but it did end up looking like a giant tooth 🙂 ).



For our second experiment called Underwater Presidents, we practiced using the scientific method.  Brendan and Ryan observed their pennies and the water dropper, guessed how many drops of water their penny would hold (hypothesis), performed the experiment several different times, and came up with their conclusions.  We were shocked to learn that the pennies could hold 30 drops on average!





Our third experiment called The Size of the Swing,  involved varying lengths of string to see how the length would affect a pendulum:

This was a great experiment for testing different variables!  Plus, we learned that pendulums keep great time and that is why they are used in grandfather clocks.


We also got to build a really cool hovercraft:



…and play with fire – always a favorite 🙂 (don’t worry, Aurora gave us lots of safety precautions) :





There are so many different topics available on the website that it can be overwhelming at times.  I would recommend taking a few hours to learn your way around the website before planning any activities with your children.  As I said before, many of the experiments use common household items but others may require purchasing/ordering materials that are somewhat harder to find so plan accordingly.

The boys really enjoyed using Supercharged Science and LOVED the hands-on approach to science!  I think this program would be a great fit for those looking to make learning fun.  We learned a lot with Supercharged Science and we highly recommend this awesome program to other science loving families!


Want to try Supercharged Science before you buy?  Click on the links below for several options:

1)  Free Copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook.

2)  The link below is a complete mini-program.  It’s a small sample of science activities and projects taken from the e-science program.  This will give you an chance to try out some activities for free to see how they work for your kids!

3)  The link below gives you full access (limited time)to e-science for just $1.


Check out Supercharged Science on social media:






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  1. WOW! What a fun school! Cool experiments!

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