Review: Curiosity Quest

Curiosity Quest

Do your children ever ask questions that you aren’t quite sure how to answer? Are they curious about things like what it’s like to be a Harlem Globetrotter, how pianos are built, where toothpaste comes from, or what it’s like to fly a police helicopter?  Well, Curiosity Quest  may be PERFECT for your family!

Curiosity Quest is a company providing DVDs that seek to answer questions that have been asked by curious viewers.  Each episode then takes you an a “quest” to answer those questions.

The DVDs are geared toward children ages 7-14, but as an adult I have to say that I LOVED watching them 🙂 !


We received two wonderful Curiosity Quest DVDs for this review:

DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea ($24.95)


DVD Combo Pack – Produce ($24.95)


Each episode lasts approximately 30 minutes and the host Joel Greene brings each subject to life in a fun, exciting way.  The individual DVDs range in price from $19.95 to $24.95.  There are many different topics and subjects to choose from including animals, instruments, recycling, food, sports, careers, environment, how to, vehicles, and more!

If you find it too difficult to choose just a few, another GREAT option is a Curiosity Quest Membership!  For a monthly payment of only $19.95, you will receive a different DVD Combo Pack (which includes two episodes) every four weeks and shipping is free!

OR you can even become a Curiosity Quest Homeschool Member…for only $24.95 a month you get two Curiosity Quest episodes PLUS homeschool curriculum that will provide follow up questions, projects and activities to enhance learning!!! 

There is also an option for an Annual Curiosity Quest Homeschool Membership!


The DVD Combo Pack -Produce takes you on adventures to the Monterey Mushroom facility in California, a cranberry bog in Wisconsin, and an orange farm in California.  I love how the videos give you a “behind the scenes” view of how things work.  During each episode several “Fun Facts” are shared about the topic.  There are also hilarious unscripted questions answered by both kids and adults – some of the answers cracked us up 🙂 !


Our first adventure took us to an orange farm in Florida, where we learned about how oranges grow, how they are harvested, packaged, and shipped to grocery stores across America.

Did you know that Christopher Columbus brought the first orange seeds to America in 1493?  Thank you Mr. Columbus!!!

I decided to let Brendan and Ryan enjoy oranges for a snack while they watched this episode since it always helps to see, touch, taste, and smell the topic that you’re learning about! ?????????? ??????????_________________________________________________________________

Did you know that the cranberry is the official food on Wisconsin?  I didn’t!

We learned a lot about cranberries during our next quest.  I always wondered why harvesters stood in water to collect cranberries (like the  juice commercials that are on TV)…well, it’s because they are buoyant and easy to collect when they rise to the top of the water! IMG_1484 We sampled craisins during this video.  Ryan and I were not huge fans, but Brendan snacked on them while he took notes. _______________________________________________

Did you know that mushrooms are 80% water? 

That’s why they thrive in humid conditions. Neither Brendan or Ryan were interested in sampling mushrooms during the this episode, although I offered (hee, hee).  It was funny to see Joel try to keep up with the workers as they collected mushrooms.  We were amazed at how quickly they work (up to 100 lbs an hour) and how they make it look so easy!   _________________________________________________________________

Well as interesting as the food episodes were, the Swimmers of the Sea Combo Pack was even better!!!  We had a blast learning about sea turtles and penguins!  Even the salmon hatchery episode was interesting, and that is not a subject that I would have necessarily picked out for us to learn about on my own 😉 ! _________________________

Did you know that some species of sea turtles can weigh up to 2,000 pounds?  Or that the average lifespan of a salmon is 3-5 years?  Or that penguins can dive down to depths of 100 feet?

Those are just few of the interesting facts that you’ll learn when watching this fantastic combo set!


We did something a little different while watching the Swimmers of the Seas episodes.  Since I couldn’t provide real animals for a hands-on experience (although that would be really cool!), I had the boys practice taking notes during each video and then write a short report about each topic.  We needed a break from our regular writing program and the Curiosity Quest DVD’s were perfect.  I was amazed at how much Brendan and Ryan learned in only 30 minutes!   IMG_1368 IMG_1391  IMG_1444

This has been one of my FAVORITE reviews so far this year – We LOVE Curiosity Quest!!!

The only concern that I have is that a reference to turtles being around 100 million years ago was made during the Sea Turtle episode.  However, Curiosity Quest doesn’t claim to have a young earth worldview so I wasn’t surprised.  Statements like these just give our family opportunities to discuss differences in beliefs about the age of the earth.  Not a big deal for us personally.

I am very grateful that we have been introduced to this company and for the FUN that they brought into our homeschool – THANK YOU Curiosity Quest!!


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  1. Awesome; we’ll have to check them out!

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